CMake changes

Hi, Takumi. Your CMake changes seem to be working just fine with the standalone Xcode build. However, the build products are still being put in bin/Debug instead of Debug/bin. Was that supposed to change yet? Maybe Xcode needs different settings?

(I think I looked into this once and it was non-trivial to change for Xcode, so if it's working for you I guess you don't need to worry about it. Too bad for me/us, though.)


Ah, I take it back: in a clean build Clang tries to link ~llvm/build/bin/Debug/Debug/clang-tblgen (doubly wrong!) and also fails to link because the link paths are


...but Xcode still built into llvm/build/Debug/lib.


Looks like everything is working now, except that clang-tblgen is still being built into ~llvm/build/bin/Debug/Debug/clang-tblgen. I'll see if I can figure out why that's happening, but it's not a blocker because it's referenced the same way. It's just a bit silly.


I think r197590 should fix this!


Some few remaining bugs in the LLVM tests where %llvmshlibdir has Xcode variables in it. I think I’ve seen this kind of thing before, so I should be able to do something about it in the next few days.

Clang tests ran successfully.