Coati - Clang based interactive source explorer for C/C++

Hello cfe-dev,

we are a small team of Master’s degree students from Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, that recently turned into a small company.

For the last three years we have been developing and designing Coati, a new tool for software engineers that allows easier navigation and quicker understanding of existing source code. Coati is cross-platform and supports C and C++ (

We are very grateful that we could use Clang libTooling as base for our indexer. To give something back, we want to hand out free Coati licenses to all Clang contributors. Let us know if you are interested by writing to

On a side note: We recently wrote a blog post on how to index Clang with Coati ( Our current build still has some issues handling LLVM + Clang, but indexing only Clang works pretty nice already.

What do you think about Coati? Would it make your life easier?

Thank you,
Eberhard Gräther

Code navigation capability is highly useful, especially in an IDE. It is available on Windows Visual Studio and other platforms in Eclipse CDT, although they use homemade solution and not clang. I think other Code::Blocks and CodeLite have this feature as well.

If the clang-based one works better than the existing IDE browser, maybe you should consider wrapping coati in plugins for the various IDEs.

Hello Yaron,

we looked at the code browsing features IDEs currently offer and found that the possibilities are still limited. With Coati we designed a tool that focuses on the semantics of the language, so it can offer an overview of the codebase as well as all the details of the implementation. We built it as a standalone tool to make it available for every developer, regardless of their currently used tools. Additionally we offer simple plugins for some code editors to make application switching easier.


Nice! It even works on Vim!

This indeed, sounds very interesting!