Code generation for custom attribute

Hi All,

I am kind of begginer in using llvm. I need to add the custom attribute in clang and then generate custom code for delcaration having that attribute.

I have succesfully added my custom attributed to clang by following the tutorial ( Now I can use my attribute for example

__attribute__((myAttr(1))) unsigned int a, b;

and it doesnt give any warning.

I have also added a handle function in SemaDeclAttr.cpp with following defination.

static void handleMyAttr(Sema &S, Decl *D,
  const AttributeList &Attr)
  if (D->hasAttr<myAttrAttr>())
         //Not sure what to do here



I need your advice/help on how I can use this custom attribute to generate custom code for variable having myAttr (for example int a, b as mentioned above).

Thanks in advance for any help.