Code Movement

Dear All,

  In an attempt to better organize the llvm source tree, I have moved the following pieces of code:

llvm/lib/Support -> llvm/support/lib/Support
llvm/utils/Burg -> llvm/support/tools/Burg
llvm/utils/TableGen -> llvm/support/tools/TableGen

  The library libsupport and programs Burg and TableGen need to be built before any of the other LLVM libraries and tools can be built. The new llvm/support directory is the new place for libraries and programs that are used to build the rest of LLVM. Creating a new directory for this purpose will hopefully make this dependency easier to see for new users.

  For those of you using CVS, you will need to run the configure script again after your next update. The first build afterwards may take longer than usual as many tools and libraries depend upon libsupport, Burg, and TableGen, and will either need to be re-compiled or re-linked. A "make" in the top level directory should take care of this for you.

  If you have any problems or questions, please let me know.


John T. Criswell