Code Owner for the Flang Driver

The Flang Driver development has made major progress over the last few years. It is now capable of building applications, driving optimisations, running plugins, openmp offloading etc. The driver is the port of entry to Flang and it is typical for requests for new features, flags, etc as well as code contributions.

I would like to propose a Code Owner for the Driver. Specifically, I would like to propose that @banach-space (Andrzej Warzynski) be the code owner. Andrzej proposed the design (llvm-project/ at main · llvm/llvm-project · GitHub) and led the work for the Flang Driver over the past couple of years. He is continuing to function as the primary reviewer and gate-keeper of the Driver.

Any support or objection? Patch adding the code owner for the Driver ⚙ D147573 [Flang] Add code owner for the Driver.

CC: @sscalpone @banach-space


Andrzej’s a great choice to be code owner for the driver! Thank you Kiran for the nomination and thanks to Andrzej for volunteering to keep an active role in the driver development.


Thanks. Merged [Flang] Add code owner for the Driver · llvm/llvm-project@08c472f · GitHub

Best wishes @banach-space!

Thank you both, that’s a big honour!

Folks, don’t hesitate to reach out with all sorts of driver questions or code review requests. I’ll try my best to respond in a timely manner :slight_smile: (ping me here, on Slack or via e-mail if there’s a delay)