Code owner for the scalarizer

We should find a code owner for the scalarizer

I nominate Richard Sandiford, who added it in r195471.

Let me know what you think.


(re-sending with more recent address for Richard)

I think it would make sense to look for someone a bit more granular, even though it’s a harder problem: it would be great to find an owner for the mid-level optimizer, including scalar,IPA,IPO, and perhaps the loop xforms.


I think the people that have been in there the most are Hal and Chandler of late with a few others here and there.


Having an owner for the whole mid-level optimizer would be great, if
there's someone who's up for it.

I still think finer-grained ownership is valuable, though, as such
owners would be likely to be more familiar with the details in the
code, and it also reduces the risk of overloading the high-level

FWIW, anyone that can review patches will do that job, even not being
a code owner him/herself.

If Richard is familiar and has had a number of post-commit review
quality patches in this portion of code, he can already approve other
patches without being a code owner.

I don't mind either way, just don't want experienced people refraining
from reviewing or approving patches because they're not the code