Code to be moved to the specific platform in lib/System?


I'm compiling: llvm/lib/Support/SystemUtils.cpp on MinGW. However, it stops complaining about these errors:


Most of this file has already been put into lib/System. You should be
able to safely remove the offending code. If you run into places that
use llvm::isExecutableFile, please change them to use the
Path::executable() method. There are also methods for checking the magic
number, etc.

I need to clean up the interface of Path to make it more compliant with
LLVM then find all the SystemUtils.h uses in LLVM and convert them to
use lib/System/Path or lib/System/Program. When that is done, the
lib/Support/SystemUtils.cpp file will go away.

Sorry for the inconvenience but I have to do this work incrementally
because its too much to do as a "big bang".