CodeChecker infrastructure on GitHub

Hi All,

We have published CodeChecker on GitHub, a new defect storage and management infrastructure based on Clang Static Analyzer.

CodeChecker replaces scan-build in Clang Static Analyzer in Linux systems.

It provides:
     - a new command line tool for analyzing projects
     - dynamic web based defect viewer (instead of static html)
     - a PostgreSQL based defect storage & management
     - incremental bug reporting (show only new bugs compared to a baseline)
     - suppression of false positives
     - better integration with build systems (through the LD_PRELOAD mechanism)
     - Apache Thrift API based server-client model for storing bugs and viewing results.
     - It is possible to connect multiple bug viewers. Currently a web-based viewer and a command line viewer are provided.

You can find a high level overview about the infrastructure in the presentation at the 2015 Euro LLVM

Please check the tool if you have time.

Any comments, ideas are welcome.

Best Regards,
The CodeChecker Team