Collect analyzer info across Translation Units


I’m wondering is there a ‘right’ way to collect clang analyzer checker results across Translation Units and make some final check after analyzing of all TUs is done ?

I’m trying to build a checker to control that THERE IS some implementation for methods of ObjC category. It’s ad-hoc check for our project, not a general checker for a wide auditory.


Hello Alexander,

There is no way to do it using only clang and scan-build. It seems that you need to analyze every TU separately, dump analysis information somewhere and then analyze it manually, after analysis of all TUs is finished.
There may also be another way. Potentially, ASTImporter/ASTMerge tools may help you with merging all the ASTs into a single one. However, its implementation is incomplete and I'm not sure it is suitable for your task.

22.01.2016 15:21, Alexander Smirnov via cfe-dev пишет:

Hello Alexey,

Appreciate your help, thank you!