Command history query


The query to repeat a command from history used to be !<command_number> but it looks like that doesnt work anymore. It seems to require a space in between (! <command_number>).

Was this change made intentionally ?

Code snippet from CommandHistory.cpp:

input_str = input_str.drop_front(); --> this drops the !

   size_t idx = 0;
   if (input_str.front() == '-') {
     if (input_str.drop_front(2).getAsInteger(0, idx))
       return llvm::None;
     if (idx >= m_history.size())
       return llvm::None;
     idx = m_history.size() - idx;
   } else {
     if (input_str.drop_front().getAsInteger(0, idx)) --> we drop here again
       return llvm::None;
     if (idx >= m_history.size())
       return llvm::None;

Sudharsan Veeravalli

No, this was an inadvertent side effect of rewriting the command parser to use llvm's StringRef's. Please file a bug (or submit a patch!)


I’ll take a look

Scratch that, looks like you already fixed this.

Yeah, source-code twiddling of thumbs while waiting for a build to complete...