CommandLine does not work under cygwin


Recently, I added some command line options to my pass like this:
   static llvm::cl::opt<MemMod> MemoryModel("mem-mod",
llvm::cl::desc("Set the memory model:"),
            clEnumVal(flat, "flat memory model"),
            clEnumVal(twodim, "two dimensional memory model"),

This works perfectly on Linux and MacOS, but not under cygwin
(MemoryModel global variable does not get set).

Has anybody else experienced similar issues?
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

-- Zvonimir

Please disregard my question, I managed to fix it.

Instead of putting MemoryModel into the appropriate header file, I
moved it into the cpp file. I am not sure why my initial solution
works on Linux and not on cygwin. Anyways, now it works on both Linux
and cygwin.