CommandLine: using cl::Positional with enum

Hi Daniel,

Just in the moment you replied my message, I was rewriting it as I hadn’t noticed it hadn’t a correct format. Sorry for that and thanks for answering it anyway.

./prog | ( --arg1 --arg2) | ( --arg1 )

Yes, that is exactly what I need. It’s a pity commandLine doesn’t implement that possibility. So I will do what you tell, parsing the arguments by myself and extending the help like you propose.

I don’t see why you should really care about the order, i.e. this is
probably okay.

./prog --arg1

So why not make every argument optional (i.e. no positional arguments)

The order is important in our case because I would like not to force the user to use the “-” prefix. In our tool, we have a order established in the input of arguments (these arguments are associated with the first option given). So I will simply process the arguments directly, I think.

Thanks for everything,


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