CommandLine: using cl::Positional with enum

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your answer.

I am considering fixing the bug in the LLVM CommandLine library but is
going to be a long time before I can look at it. So don’t wait for me
to do that.

Ok, ok, but, if you end up fixing this, please keep me post.

If you are really desperate to have the command line options in the
way you want they you may need to implement it yourself or use another
library (e.g.

Personally I think it’s more important your tool does something rather
than spending time worrying about how it’s command line interface
looks, so I would personally just implement everything as an optional
argument and then after parsing check yourself that your options have
been set as you want them.

Yes, I will try using that library, but if it’s too complicated I will simply implement the arguments as optional.

Thanks again,


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