Comments: file header or class

right now many classes have comments that don't show up in Doxygen. Say,
MachineConstantPool.h has a big file-level comment, but it does not show up
when looking at the generated docs for MachineConstantPool.

Are patches moving file comments to appear before relevant classes welcome?

- Volodya

Hi Vladimir,

This is a known problem. There are many useful comments even in headers
like Type.h and Module.h that do not come through to the doxygen
documentation. The reason is that they are using // instead of /// for
the comment or some other syntax that doxygen ignores. The job of
converting all the header files is quite a big one. Its something I've
been meaning to do, but no one has requested it until now.

If you're familiar with doxygen, please feel free to send patches for
this. If you'd like to "learn by example", please see the headers in
lib/System which were written from the start to be doxygen friendly.

I'll do what I can with MachineConstantPool.h.