Comments in LLVM blog

Hello all!
I would like to know why there aren’t any comments section on LLVM Project Blog?



Enabling comments opens a can of worms w.r.t. spam and other problems. Hacker news and reddit also have better structures for discussion, so there isn’t a strong motivation for doing so.

Do you see a significant benefit for enabling them?



I think that comments section will help people to organize the Q&A in the same webpage. But it also leads to spam as you said, However, I don’t have any strong rationale for enabling them :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply Chris!


Since you mentioned this, I was wondering if Chris or someone else could take over the existing /r/LLVM and make it an official forum or something. In that case we had Reddit’s anti-spam measures in place and probably a better forum-like experience. Mailing list could be really disturbing occasionally



I also think that it is a good idea.



It looks like I'm currently the only moderator on /r/llvm. When the
creator deleted the account, I believe reddit's algorithm decided to
ask me to become a moderator as I'd submitted there a number of times.
With plenty of options available: the llvm mailing lists, IRC, Stack
Overflow, and /r/cpp or other subreddits for more general discussion
I'm not really sure I see a strong future for something like /r/llvm.
But if anyone feels differently then let me know. If you do want that,
I'd suggest two things:

* Ensure there's some interest (and no major objections) from the LLVM
community on either IRC or the mailing list
* Run it in accordance with the LLVM code of conduct