Commit access

Hi llvm-foundations,

I’ve been trying to make my first test commit (rather late if I’m honest) but seem have had my commit access revoked, getting the following error:

svn: E175013: Access to ‘/svn/llvm-project/!svn/act/9185ff90-2c69-4c14-85c2-789667b66855’ forbidden

I know there’s big changes afloat with the licensing agreement at the moment.

My company, SCE/Sony/SIE have signed the agreement and I’ve also filled in the agreement form stating who I work for.

My username and email are as follows:

company email :
old commit access email:

username : tomweaver18

is there anything can be done or am I simply doing something wrong on my side?

Kindest regards
Tom Weaver

Hi Tom,

I granted you commit access back in November, which was before the relicensing exercise. I suspect that your commit access has been revoked because of missing agreement form. Please fill in the personal agreement and you should be set, thanks!