Commit emails going missing?

I did a quick grammar fix to llvm/ just now.
On llvm-commits, I see a commit email for the one prior:
    [llvm] 7bff9bd - [X86][AVX] combineConcatVectorOps - add ...
and the one after:
    [llvm] 5885f1a - [AMDGPU] Disable the SIFormMemoryClauses ...
but not mine:
    47a11a9 - Fix grammar in

It's also not listed in the llvm-commits archive at

Can one of the experts in how-this-stuff-works take a look please?

I suspect that llvm-commits@ is only listing commits touching the llvm/ folder, your commit didn’t.
It shows up in the all-commits@ mailing list:

Ah ha, that explains it. Think-o in my part; wasn’t actually llvm/ it was llvm-project/

The only files at that level are and, it’s reasonable not to bother sending those to llvm-commits.

Thanks for the explanation and sorry for the noise!