Commit r253909 is not what the commit message reads

Dear Ehsan,

the commit message from r253909 reads:

Make clang_Cursor_getMangling not mangle if the declaration isn't mangled

Right now clang_Cursor_getMangling will attempt to mangle any
declaration, even if the declaration isn't mangled (extern C). This
results in a partially mangled name which isn't useful for much. This
patch makes clang_Cursor_getMangling return an empty string if the
declaration isn't mangled.

But the code looks like it is handling only the visibility attribute
of symbols. Where is the real r253909?



PS: The mail from the original author does not work anymore: Michael
Wu <>

Hi Bert,

I’m not really sure why this patch was committed with this commit message, I’m sorry for the confusion. The real patch which the commit message describes was committed in r249437 (and reviewed in

I’ll revert this and re-commit it with a better commit message.