Commit request: Search for gcc in the gcc-cross directory.

Hi there,

It has been two weeks with no response or reaction to this mail. I'm bumping
it again and CC'ing a few people for a more direct request for commit.

What am I doing wrong?

Dmitri Gribenko, you were reviewing the patch before. Please commit this

Jordan Rose, you committed a patch from me recently. Please commit this

Chad Rosier, you are listed in CODE_OWNERS.txt as the compiler driver
maintainer. Please commit this patch.

Rafael Espindola, you seem to be the most active committer to lib/Driver
recently. Please commit this patch.

Douglas Gregor, you are listed in CODE_OWNERS.txt as the maintainer of parts
of clang not covered by someone else. Please commit this patch.


--------------- Forwarded message (begin)

Direct link to the email with the patch:


David Röthlisberger wrote:

No I don't, I just thought I'd save someone 2 minutes by posting the direct link. :slight_smile:

Our system is currently optimized for the most active developers... as
you've discovered, it does has a tendency to track of patches or
otherwise leave patches in a state where it isn't clear what is
happening. Usually a simple "ping" after a few days is enough, but
you might have to do it a couple times depending on how busy people
are and which developers are expected to review your patch.

Committed in r187175.


Thanks for that.