Commits by author not shown

Hey all,

Note: I’m not sure whether this is a GitHub bug, somehow related to the switch to GH Pull Requests, or whether I’m just doing something wrong.

I wanted to send somebody a list of the commits that I made to LLVM. The official way to do this on GitHub is to add the author to the URL:

This worked up until ~4 weeks ago, but now it is showing me 0 results (should be 4). I can still see the individual commits if I access them by commit hash, e.g., my last commit: It also shows that this is part of the main branch.

If I access this commit via “Recent Activity” on my profile, it adds a date range to the query. In this case, the commit is shown (Commits · llvm/llvm-project · GitHub). If I change this to include all commits since 2023-01-01 (, it shows all of my commits. If I remove the since clause, I get 0 results again.

For other projects, the URL without the date range still works fine and more importantly, for other authors this also works fine in the llvm-project. My question is basically: Why is this the case? Does anybody else have this issue? This used to work (before GH PRs were used) and now it does not. I don’t really know if this is related, but maybe it changed something in the way GH handles commits? Maybe there are too many commits and GH prunes certain authors who only have a few commits?

My guess is that this is some kind of GH bug, but I wanted to check here first if other people also have this issue before opening a bug report on GH.