compatible versions of clang, llvm and iwyu

I’m trying to compile include-what-you-use and I’m having an hard time in finding compatible versions.
I’ve tried svn head yesterday (for all 3, llcm, clang, iwyu) and iwyu-3.0.1 together with llvm-3.0 and clang-3.0.
Both these combinations had different compilation issues (at least when compiled with gcc 4.7.2).

Somebody has a triple of svn labels (llvm, clang, iwyu) they’ve been succesfull with?



Hi Maurizio,

IWYU is maintained separately from Clang, so you'll probably find
better help on our dedicated mailing list [1]. But now that I stumbled
over this, let's see...

Head of IWYU trunk is supposed to be compatible with HEAD of Clang
trunk, but Clang moves fast enough that we can't always keep up.

Our general strategy is to create a branch whenever Clang gets closer
to a release, and then update our branch to follow Clang's release
branch. We only just settled on this for Clang 3.2, though, so I can't
say for sure about older releases.

All SVN heads currently build on my Windows/CMake/MSVC configuration,
so this may have something to do with GCC 4.7.2. Are you using CMake
(and if so with which build system) or configure/make? Feel free to
post more details here or preferably to the iwyu list.

- Kim