compile error

when I compile llvm-3.3 according to the instructions in vmkit’s homepage the following error occurs:

llvm-3.3.src/Release+Asserts/lib/libclangAST.a(VTableBuilder.o): In function (anonymous namespace)::VCallAndVBaseOffsetBuilder::AddVCallOffsets(clang::BaseSubobject, clang::CharUnits)': VTableBuilder.cpp:(.text+0xc6c3): undefined reference to clang::ASTContext::toCharUnitsFromBits(long long) const’

What should I do to resolve this issue?

Hi Ali,

Obviously, you have a problem during the compilation of clang and it's
not related to vmkit. After, I'm unable to help you because I'm not an
expert in clang (I work on vmkit)!

Good luck!