compile errors with demo projects Stacker and Hello

Hi all!

I have sucessfully installed LLVM 1.9 under FreeBSD on a x86 PC.
I have successfully executed "An Example Using the LLVM Tool Chain" that is
written in the document

When I tried out the demo projects "Hello" and "Stacker" I get compile errors. When I run "gmake" in the directory "/usr/home/x/llvm1.9/projects/Stacker" I get:
gmake: **** [@abs_top_objdir@/config.status] Error 127

I get a compile error, too when I try to compile the "Hello" demo in
lib/Transforms/Hello that is explained in
I tried to resolve the compile error for the Hello demo and copied
the directory to "usr/home/x/llvm1.9/projects/Hello". When I run "gmake"
in the Hello directory I get again:
gmake: **** [@abs_top_objdir@/config.status] Error 127

Any help appreciated

If I remember correctly, you get the following warning when you configure LLVM:

configure:2087: WARNING: Unknown project (Stacker) won't be configured automatically

That leads would lead me to believe that you need to run configure inside llvm/projects/Stacker (and inside llvm/projects/Hello) before you run gmake inside of them. I don't know for sure, but perhaps that might fix your problem.

Ryan wrote:

That sounds like the problem to me, too.