Compile from source code string

I wanna use regular functionality of clang but instead of passing path to the source I want to pass string as source code. Yes, it’s preferably a code that uses clang api and not just call to clang with source that was put into input, as source files are usually big.
Googled that, but not really successfully.
No good source of info about that or code that’s outdated.
Would really appreciate any help.

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The phrase “clang api” is a bit vague (libclang?), but it is possible to feed the compiler strings on the command line if you teach it the input language:

    $ echo 'int main(void) { return 0; }' | clang -x c -

Hope this helps.

The phrase “clang api” is a bit vague (libclang?)

If it’s possible, then of course LibClang as it’s backward compatible, but I know that it’s restricted in functionality, so if LibClang don’t give such freedom, then LibTooling.

$ echo ‘int main(void) { return 0; }’ | clang -x c -

Thanks for the advice! This should work on unix, but what’s about other systems? That’s why I wanted to go with code, because I target at least Linux, Macos and Windows, and with code solution it’ll be no different to support all of them as well as it’ll be bit more secure, I think.

I can’t see anything promising in libclang, but maybe runToolOnCode in libtooling might achieve what you’re after.

Right now I’m in process of trying this approach:
Copy the code from cc1_main, write my own SourceManager and set it to CompilerInstance with setSourceManager().

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Is it possible to share a demo for using clang interfaces? ths!