Compiler and Code Generation Social Zurich - July 13th

Dear all,

tomorrow (July 13th), another Compiler and Code Generation Social will
take place.

# When: July 13th, 19:00, CAB E 72

# Registration

# Event Page

# What

A social meetup to discuss compilation and code generation,
with a special focus on LLVM, clang, Polly and related projects.

Our primary focus is to provide a venue (and drinks & snacks)
that enables free discussions between interested people
without imposing an agenda/program. This is a great
opportunity to informally discuss your own projects,
get project ideas or just learn about what people at
ETH and around Zurich are doing with LLVM and compilation
in general.

# Who: - Anybody interested -

  - ETH students and staff
  - LLVM developers and enthusiasts external to ETH

# What is LLVM ?

LLVM ( is an open source project that provides
a collection of modular compiler and toolchain technologies. It is
centered around a modern SSA-based compiler around which an entire
ecosystem of compiler technology was developed. Most well know is
the clang C++ compiler, which is e.g. used to deploy iOS. Beyond this
a diverse set of projects is developed under the umbrella of LLVM.
These include code generators and assemblers for various interesting
architectures, a jit compiler, a debugger, run-time libraries (C++
Standard Library, OpenMP, Opencl library), program sanity checkers,
and many more.

LLVM has itself grown out of a research project more than 10 years ago
and is the base of many exciting research projects today:,5&hl=de

See you soon,
Tobias Grosser