Compiler crashed while building LLVM

I tried to build the stable LLVM 3.2, and the latest from svn.

Both failed, unfortunately.

During compilation process, I saw this:
llvm[1]: Compiling BranchProbability.cpp for Release build
0 clang 0x00000000010b23bf
1 clang 0x00000000010b2a0d
2 0x00002b3c53ed2ff0
3 clang 0x00000000005f7200
4 clang 0x0000000000627c05
5 clang 0x000000000074c567
6 clang 0x000000000074bf35
7 clang 0x000000000074c9e1
8 clang 0x000000000074bf35
9 clang 0x00000000005ea69a
10 clang 0x00000000008e897d
11 clang 0x00000000005e7e3b
12 clang 0x0000000000415089
13 clang 0x00000000004094f6
14 clang 0x000000000040bed3 main + 1731
15 0x00002b3c54cb8c8d __libc_start_main + 253
16 clang 0x0000000000407099
Stack dump:

I attached the longer log, hopefully it could shed some light.

FYI, I’m using GCC 4.4.5, on 64-bit Debian 6.

Maybe using a more recent GCC would solve this problem?

llvm_crash_log.txt (4.8 KB)

It looks like you’re compiling LLVM with a previously installed version of clang instead of GCC. Check Makefile.config’s CC environment variable to see if that is the case. If so, re-run configure with CC=gcc and CXX=g++ and see if that fixes it. – John T.