Compiler engineer jobs available at Parakinetics


Job type: Full time employee
Location: Princeton, NJ


Parakinetics Inc., a vibrant stealth mode startup, is seeking
experienced and talented engineers to join a team developing unique
compilation tools for multicore processors. Successful candidates will
have the opportunity to work with a team converting breakthrough
compiler research into commercial reality. He/she will develop never
before seen compiler technology in addition to improving and
supporting existing compiler technology. Responsibilities include:

    * Design and implementation of novel compiler transformations and
    * Improving and maintaining existing compiler and runtime libraries,
    * Analysis of applications to identify performance bottlenecks,
    * Testing and benchmarking the technology to improve functionality
and performance.

Please consider the following before applying:

   1. A BS/MS/PhD in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or
related field is required.
   2. Experience developing compiler back-ends and compiler
optimizations is desirable.
   3. Experience with automatic parallelization is highly desirable.
   4. Expertise in C++, C, and an assembly language is required.
   5. Experience in parallel programming is highly desirable.

Parakinetics, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Please submit your resume in PDF format to:

The subject line of your email should be: "LLVM: Compiler Engineer"