Compiler Engineer openings at Samsung in Moscow

Samsung R&D Institute Russia is looking for a senior compiler engineer to work on LLVM based compiler for new Samsung GPU.

What you’ll be doing:

  • Design and develop target independent and processor specific optimizations

  • Work on compiler improvements and problem resolutions

  • Perform benchmarking and testing to improve quality of compiler

  • Review code changes and design proposals for new features

What we expect to see:

  • MS + 5 years of experience, or PhD in Computer Science or related technical field.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in compiler development
  • Thorough understanding of compiler technology and other development tool internals
  • Knowledge of compiler backend technologies such as register allocation, instruction scheduling, loop transformations, peephole optimizations, etc.
  • Expert-level programming skills in C++, C and assembly languages
  • Experience with SW engineering process: project planning, version control, bug tracking
  • Experience in performance profiling, instrumentation and optimization

Desired skillset:

  • LLVM development experience
  • Experience in OpenGL and/or Vulkan graphics API
  • Various operating systems (Linux or Windows)
  • Scripting languages
  • Contribution to open source projects

For more details please feel free to contact Viacheslav Garbuzov


In case anyone is looking at this and saying “Would be interesting … but … Russia…”:

  • I was in this team for a year and a half, until March. (And other compiler teams in the same office before that). The team are great, with a lot of very smart people. Work hours are very flexible, and Russia has plenty of vacation time. (28 days, plus about 10 public holidays, plus the first week of January)

  • you don’t need to know Russian. Everyone speaks English, all work documents and meetings are in English.

  • ok, you need a little bit of Russian to deal with supermarkets, cafes, taxis, the metro. But not much! (just ask my ex-colleagues) No one minds if you use google translate, shopkeepers will show you prices on a huge calculator etc. I survived three years, happily.

  • I was the only foreigner (non CIS anyway) in the office. I don’t think I put them off the concept. Hopefully.

  • they handled visa and work permit and making a bank account & cards for salary.

  • I had to find my own apartment (actually, I used and highly recommend them … I count them as friends). I had a really nice modern two bedroom apartment in a building literally two minutes walk from the office for about $1000/month. Home internet 100/100 unlimited for 650 rubles ($10) a month. Mobile 3 GB/month (anywhere in Russia) for $5.50. GO anywhere on the metro for $0.50. Uber/Yandex Taxi are $0.14/minute plus $0.14/km ($1.50 minimum)

I left after three years because my visa was coming to an end (could have been renewed) and I got an exciting offer to work on LLVM at a RISC-V startup in California.

Three years in Moscow was a great experience. I highly recommend it, especially if you’re single (whether you intend to stay that way or not) :wink: Moscow is a great base to explore not only Russia, but also Europe. A three hour flight will get you anywhere from Istanbul to Italy to Austria to Copenhagen or Stockholm. Paris and London and Spain are not much more.