Compiler Engineer openings at Samsung in San Jose

Hi there,

I am recruiting for the newly formed Advanced Computing Lab (ACL) at Samsung, located jointly in San Jose, CA and Austin, TX.

We have a very critical project that we are ramping up - building system software for new Samsung GPU. This is an opportunity to work on something in a critical role that, upon development and implementation, will become a significant market force based on its installed base alone. Follow the link below to see the full job description. This is a new and exciting and long term undertaking by Samsung with a significant amount of investment at stake.

Compiler Engineer / Compiler Architect

For anyone interested I am happy to tell you more about the role and project so please feel free to reach out to me directly as well.



Randy Levinson|Sr Technical Recruiter | Samsung Semiconductor Inc

Mobile: 408.802.6018

While not specifically listed here…

… we also have budget for more team members to work on llvm compiler and runtime library aspects of the GPU project in the Moscow office. No knowledge of Russian required (I’m from New Zealand).

If you like living in a proper city, excellent public transport, modern yet cheap apartments within easy walking distance of the office (I’m 100 meters away), cheap flights to the rest of Europe … I think it beats living in The Valley.

That place is less than $900 a month, plus maybe $35 for water, electricity and 100/100 unlimited internet.

Alternatively, there’s a free shuttle bus to the nearest metro station (or 10 min walk).

The office: