Compiler explorer now supports LLVM Flang

Hi all,

People here might be well aware of - compiler
explorer(CE) where you can run compilers interactively from your web

It now supports LLVM Flang(as an experimental frontend)!
You can try it here -

- This can be helpful to have comparison/validating LLVM Flang with
other production level compilers and as well help in reporting issues
in parsing/semantic checks both in language constructs and OpenMP

- By default -fparse-only and bin/f18 executable was added by CE team
to see the initial working.
Is there some other flag we should enable by default (may be till
semantic analysis only)?
I am trying to collect more data from this mail so that we add the needed flags.

- The FIR branch would help in usage of online compiler to developers,
people interested in learning FIR/MLIR representations.

I am trying to gather the interest of folks in community to see if they
would like to see FIR branch(fir-dev) compiler into the CE so that they see FIR
generated for Fortran code?
Also, if there are some practical challenges (as it's a WIP branch and
user might see llvm_unreachable if some code is not implemented) in
adding the other branch, I would be interested in knowing that as

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?


Adding "-intrinsic-module-directory <build>/include/flang" would be useful so that the intrinsic modules are available.