compiler job open at Mips/Imagination for LLVM and other compiler work

If you apply, please mention me, there is a referral fee. :slight_smile:

Software Design Engineer – Compilers


MIPS SW Team is responsible for enhancement, development and support of the development tools for MIPS processors. You will have some or all of the following responsibilities working as a part of a team:

  • researching and implementing new techniques and optimisations in the tool-chains for both current and next generations of MIPS processor cores

  • optimized code generation, instruction selection and register allocation

  • improving quality, testing and documentation systems and workflows to ensure final product quality

  • analysing tool-chain issues, improving test suites and coverage and providing feedback and fixes to end users

  • involvement in specification and design of the next generation of MIPS processors

  • general maintenance and support of toolchain product

You will also get the opportunity to work with hardware/other teams to ensure compilation tools meet their targeted performance goals.

Target Capabilities and Skillset

The successful candidate will have following skills:

  • strong programming skills by working on real world software

  • compiler architecture experience and modern processor understanding

  • knowledge of compiler optimizations and algorithms

  • Minimum of 1-3 years of industry experience in compiler technologies

Personal Attribute

  • a genuine interest in compiler development with strong background in software and algorithms development

  • keen to pursue a career as a compiler development engineer

  • creative and proactive team player to work within the development team

  • hard working; eager to understand and solve problems

  • committed to both innovation and excellence

  • willing to work within the bounds of the open source community

  • be thorough, detail oriented, and self-motivated

  • customer focused attitude

  • good written and verbal communication skills in English


MS in computer science or related discipline with 1-3 years of work experience

Required Skills

  • excellent C/C++ programming skills

  • understanding of compiler architecture, backend, optimisations

  • knowledge of assembler language of embedded processors

  • understanding of compiler framework

Desired Skills

  • knowledge of LLVM and/or GCC compiler frameworks

  • experience of developing software in Linux environment

  • familiarity with embedded cross-development tools (compiler, assembler, linker, loader, simulator)

  • knowledge of vector/SIMD DSP processor architectures

Travel Requirements

Occasional but not part of routine work

[snap] Please do not use the LLVM lists for recruitment for jobs only
"accidently" related to LLVM/Clang. Looking for a Clang developer to
integrated it with a 3rd party product is fine. Looking for a LLVM
developer to develop a new backend or improve optimisation is fine, too.
Just looking foor a compiler engineer is not.


MIPS can clarify, but from a fellow recruiter perspective - the subject seems clear to me. (I also happen to guess MIPS is supporting clang/llvm toolchain from list activity and have no reason to believe they wouldn't be working on llvm) Was the body of the email that bad or misleading?

Search for LLVM or Clang in the body. I find a single instance and that
can well work as "knows a larger compiler" pre-filter. I am aware of
MIPS directly or indirectly supporting LLVM, which is why I tried to
give some examples for writing a better post the next time. Even if I am
not interested in such a job myself, I do find it interested to see what
companies are looking for LLVM developers and for what purpose.