compiler-rt builtins on MSVC 2019


compiler-rt builtins currently doesn’t build on MSVC 2019,

I the problem is that compiler-rt\lib\builtins\int_math.h includes the header ymath.h.

according to eg. the header to include is float.h

also the ymath.h file contains the comment /* ymath.h internal header */ so probably shall not be used.

I do not know how compiler-rt works only tried to compile rustc that is using compiler-rt

How shall I go forward with this problem?

BR/Andreas Jonson

Since that file already includes float.h, I wonder whether the ymath.h
is needed at all. I tried removing it on my MSVC 2017 machine and the
build didn't complain. Could you try the same with 2019?

removed the ymath.h and it works with 2019 also,

see now that the doc say float.h or math.h is needed

so remove the ymath.h shall be enough


I was working through a few other VS 2019 build issues today, and I’ll remove that include soon. Thanks for the heads up.