compiler-rt for aarch64 crossbuild

Hi All,

My build host is x86_64 and i want to use it to build aarch64 applications.
I'm a little bit stacked with building compiler-rt for aarch64. First of all
I built llvm/cland/lld (4.0) for aarch64, with the following commands:
$ cmake -G "Unix Makefiles" -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release
$ make

How can i build the compiler-rt library on this host using the llvm/clang/lld
i built before? I tried different cmake variables, but it always finds only one
x86_64 supported target. It seems to me that i'm missing something. I have
no access to the aarch64 built host.

Regards, Dima.

It’s not hard to get access to an Aarch64 build host if you want to. I’ve even tried building llvm on it.