Compiler-rt fot ppc 32


I am building Clang/LLVM for PPC440 processor. This is 32 bit processor. It built successfully (llvm, clang 9.0).
But compiling simple 2 long double numbers addition it generates __gcc_qadd from libgcc.a. I have GCC 9.2
toolchain. But its libgcc.a does not contain __gcc_qadd and others similar functions. Instead GCC handles same
situation with __adddf3 call. GCC does have a file ibm-double.c in libgcc but it is not built as part of libgcc.a instead
__adddf3 are built.
So I found that compiler-rt has these functions. But when builing compiler-rt, it is not supporting ppc32. It only builds
for PPC64.
So my question is: How to build compiler-rt for PPC32?

Please help


Hi Vikram,
I am sorry that I missed this email initially. It appears someone else also has interest in enabling this build (

Of course, another possibility is to change the ppc_fp128 RTLIB calls for 32-bit PPC in PPCISelLowering.cpp.