Compiline LLVM/Clang - errors in building shared object library

Dear List

I have uploaded the following files to : config.log – the result of the configure command llvm-clang-build.log – the result of ‘make’ The build failed when a shared object library was being built: undefined references. Please would you check these files and, if possible, point me to what I need to do to get LLVM/Clang to compile. Sincerely

It looks like your link is not including the C++ ABI library (for instance you may be linking by running gcc/clang instead of g++/clang++). __cxa_guard_acquire et al are defined by the Itanium C++ ABI and shipped as part of libsupc++ (commonly linked into libstdc++) from gcc or from llvm.


I’ve tried downloading libcxxabi (using svn), but the script given in libcxxabi/lib/buildit does not produce an error-free compilation. Please find attached the build log for libcxxabi (it’s only2.1kb). It needs _Unwind_Exception. Where would that be? And, of course, maybe libcxxabi doesn’t work yet on Linux. :frowning: Sian

libcxxabi-build.log (2.07 KB)