compiling clang with RTTI

Hi @clang,

I'm somewhat puzzled about using rtti when building clang under gcc (gcc 4.3.3, linux/ubuntu).
(There is no problem under MSVC since rtti seems to be active there anyway).
The appropriate line 348 in llvm/makefile.rules is commented out meaning that llvm is usually compiled using rtti. However every clang lib adds -fno-rtti to CXXFLAGS by hand.
This is not filtered out by makefile.rules even if REQUIRES_RTTI is defined (which IMHO should be the case).
Now I'm two-way bewildered.
First: why is line 348 commented out? This renders REQUIRES_RTTI useless. Does rtti (llvm) and non-rtti (clang) code work together at all? I had serious trouble when trying this with my own application and eventually resigned .

I'm forced to use rtti in my application as it uses some clang libs but also some tr1 stuff (which apparently needs rtti) and boost. This leads me to the second question:
How can I compile the clang libs with rtti enabled? Eventually I got it by touching every single Makefile in the lib sub-directories and commenting out the appropriate line.
However this can't be a proper solution. As stated earlier if REQUIRES_RTTI would be evaluated similiar to ENABLE_EXPENSIVE_CHECKS regarding rtti then it would be easy.
OTOH I'm not a makefile expert (to be honest I'm very far away from it). Thus maybe I'm just overlooking the right way to enable rtti for the clang libs.

Best regards
Olaf Krzikalla