Compiling code with armadillo

Hi everybody!

I'm using the library armadillo, installed through the Synaptic at a
Ubuntu machine. I've always compiled with g++ because the machine
didn't had clang in it.

Now that it does, I tried to compile it and got a lot of errors (just
2 about boost). The output is attached and the command line was
"clang++ -x c++ -c /usr/include/armadillo 2> armadillo.out".

If someone could take a look on that, I'd appreciate, since I've never
explored much of clang's code.

Thank you all for the great work =]


armadillo.out (18.1 KB)

Please make sure the issue exists with trunk clang and Boost, then
file a bug at with a complete preprocessed file that
fails and the output of "clang -v". (See .)