Compiling Errors in LLVM ocaml Bindings

Hi, Everyone,

I got a error when I try to compile LLVM 2.7, it is located in the ocaml bindings file, showing like:

llvm[2]: Compiling llvm_ocaml.c for Release+Asserts build
In file included from C:\Objective Caml\lib/caml/misc.h:24,
from C:\Objective Caml\lib/caml/alloc.h:23,
from /home/leila/llvm/bindings/ocaml/llvm/llvm_ocaml.c:19:

In file included from /home/leila/llvm/bindings/ocaml/llvm/llvm_ocaml.c:19:
C:\Objective Caml\lib/caml/alloc.h:34: warning: parameter names (without types)
in function declaration

/home/leila/llvm/bindings/ocaml/llvm/llvm_ocaml.c:524: error: (Each undeclared i
dentifier is reported only once
/home/leila/llvm/bindings/ocaml/llvm/llvm_ocaml.c:524: error: for each function
it appears in.)

I compile LLVM under my cygwin environment (x86), and it seems to link with ocaml lib in my C: filesystem in windows. That’s a little wired. And I tried to specify the ocaml path installed in cygwin(usr/lib) but still got the same problem.

I just wonder there is anyone met with this problem, and any suggestions will be highly appreciated! Thanks a lot