Compiling libc++ with clang

Hello, i downloaded llvm and clang 3.3 and also the lasted version of libc++ and compiled clang successfully using mac os x 10.9 maverick but when i try to use the libc++ that i downloaded i get a lot of linking errors and and i am not capable of using c++11 features.
Wich are the steps to follow to get my compiled clang using my version of libc++ without command line flags

Can you be clearer on what you downloaded and from where?

Did you get the source of Clang and LLVM from the source repositories?

Did you download a prebuilt libc++? From where? Why not build it from source?

What command line are you using to build it all?

What linking errors are you getting?

Have you tried following the instructions here:


I downloaded the sources from the download page for version 3.3 of clang.
And i am building it with the instructions from that appears in the link you pointed, but when y try to link with that library i got a lot of copilation errors and even a simple HelloWorld program does not compile at all.