Compiling Libcpp for a Baremetal Toolchain.

Hi All,

I am building a cross-compiler for MIPSr2 which has the following components: Clang-3.1 for preprocessing, compiling, optimizing; Binutils-2.22 for assembling and linking; Newlib-1.20.0 as the standard C library implementation. I modified the Clang Driver and currently can run C programs on a MIPS-GDB simulator I built using a MIPS target triple option to Clang. I would like to use Libcpp as the C++ library implementation for this toolchain. Is there a way to disable the libcpp → pthread dependencies as my baremetal toolchain currently does not support a threading library. In the long term are there any suggestions on what kind of a thread library I should use for compiling Libcpp? What would be a good place to look at how to port these dependencies? I really would like to run C++ programs using this toolchain and look forward to write code using C++ lambdas. Let me know.