Compiling lldb (trunk) on FreeBSD

I want to try a patch on FreeBSD so trying to setup lldb dev
environment on a FreeBSD(9.0) VM.
My compilation fails because lldb requires cxx11 and FreeBSD 9.0
doesn't have supporting c++ std library. I tried with --enable-libcpp
but it also fails because FreeBSD doesnt have libcpp(I dont know how
to bootstrap libcpp).

Anybody compiling lldb on FreeBSD please help me on this. Since I am
trying on a VM I can use any version of FreeBSD. Is any bare minimal
FreeBSD development VMDK ?


Hi Samuel,

I suggest you try #freebsd-clang on OFTC and ask there. I think
usually there's an additional library that you must use with libc++,
but I suppose they'll be able to help you there.

After you get clang+libc++, compiling lldb should be easy.



Thanks Filipe for the pointer.

I found FreeBSD 9.1 includes libc++.
After upgrading to FreeBSD 9.1 I was able to compile llvm/clang
without any problem.
But lldb failed to compile in FreeBSD specific codes.
After few hacks(attached) I was able to compile, may be somebody
interested in FreeBSD should take a look and fix it correctly.


lldb_freebsd.diff (5 KB)