Compiling LLVM under vista with msdev 2008 gives a few errors


I just started with LLVM so I'm not sure who's responsible for
portability. Anyways, I found the following problems trying to compile
llvm rev 94074 with the solution generated using cmake 2.8 (including
the clang front end) on 32bit vista:


    Errno.cpp : had to add "#undef HAVE_STRERROR_R"
    raw_ostream.cpp: had to add "#undef HAVE_UNISTD_H"
    (apparently config.h was not generated correctly)


    IsNan.cpp : had to add "#define isnan _isnan #include <float.h>"
    IsInf.cpp : had to add "#define isinf !_finite #include <float.h>"


    ParallelJIT.cpp : "#include <pthread.h>" pthread.h not supported on

Obviously, these are quick hacks to get it to compile and no solutions :slight_smile:
Possibly I did something wrong when configuring the build. Also I just
had the first look atthe sources yesterday, so I wouldn't want to
attempt a real solution myself, yet.



i had the same troubles on Vista and on Win7…

cmake fails on some tests (you should see this in the log) due to m$ UAC (or whatever the name is) and uses not-so-sane default values.

You have to start a visual c-command prompt (to make sure it gets the right paths) with administrator privileges (!) , than cmake works fine and you get a correct config.h.

best regards,

2010/1/22 herz <>


running the msvc command with admin doesn't help. Possibly there are
problems because I have cygwin installed and in my path...

Thomas Veith schrieb: