Compiling my Clang Tool using Libtool

Hi everyone,

those of you who double up on the cfe-users may remember my emails regarding Control Flow Graphs.

I want to try to compile a Tool that will extract the CFG from any given .c/.cpp source file. The core idea is to use ASTConsumer function and execute BuildCFG.

However I keep getting error messages when trying to compile the tool. These always pertain to the correct use of includes at the beginning of the tool. I used similar includes to those used in the tutorial (, but the tutorial seems to skip over placing my own source file as well as correctly compiling it.

If you could help me out it would be much appreciated.

Best regards,

This is too little information to help you. We need:

  • the actual error
  • the code you’re running it on
    (preferably trimmed down to the minimum you can make it)