compiling mysql with llvm 2.7

I tried to compile mysql with llvm 2.7 on Linux x86-64.

I first configured mysql build using g++ for I observed if I use
llvm-g++ configure script does not seem to recognize certain options
correctly. I then compiled the configured build using llvm-g++ and
linked the mysqld.bc using llvm-ld manually to native code. However,
when I run this program it crashes for some sql queries. The problem
however is that I'm unable to do any debugging because gdb crashes
whenever I try to open the mysqld binary. When I use readelf with
--debug-dump on mysqld, I get the following warning but I don't know
whether this has anything to do with gdb crash. I'm using gdb 7.0 on
ubuntu. Any help is very much appreciated.

readelf: Warning: Bogus end-of-siblings marker detected at offset
407ff in .debug_info section