compiling OpenCL with Clang

Hey all,

I’m doing some research into Clang’s openCL capabilities and have a few questions.

I’m trying to understand how the -cl-*** command line options defined by the openCL spec are handled by clang. After tinkering with the command-line and lots of googling, it looks like the -cl-* flags are only supported if -cc1 is passed first? Is this correct?

Which brings me to my next question, what specifically does the -cc1 flag do? I can’t find documentation on it. And why are link-time flags after it treated as an error?

Lastly, all of the flags defined in OCL 1.2 seem to be supported (and by that I mean, don’t throw an error when they’re preceded by -cc1, I haven’t actually tested any of the functionality) with the exception of:


Does anyone know the cause for this?