Compiling to WebAssembly

I read that WebAssembly is intended as a first-class target for LLVM. So how do I make use of this to compile to WebAssembly with LLVM? I really want to know. I have this code that I want to compile to WebAssembly and use on the backend as a Node module (instead of using it as an ES6 (or above) module): (look in the .cpp file for the web server code).

And I also want to know how to use EMSCRIPTEN_BINDINGS on my use of std::shared_ptr since I still don’t fully understand how to do this. I did read the Emscripten documentation, but I still need some help in understanding how to do it.

Also, can I use both the iostream and emscripten.h headers in the same file? Or is that a bad idea?

Hi Osman,

The emscripten-discuss list would probably be a better place to ask any question involving emscripten.!forum/emscripten-discuss.