Completion of #include statements

I was reminded by that I’d been meaning to look at adding completion of filenames inside #include directives.
I won’t have time soon sadly :frowning:

I don’t think there’s anything clangd-specific here, so it should probably come through the SemaCodeComplete API. I don’t have much of a clue about the sema/PP interaction required though.

It requires listing all the include dirs, don’t know if that would be prohibitively slow. I’d guess not: today it requires stat()ing every file on unix, but after it should just be readdir().

Anyone want to pick this up, or have ideas/guidance about the implementation?

Cheers, Sam

Eclipse CDT does that, actually one of the features I miss when using clangd.

CDT keeps it pretty simple. It searches each directory in the include path, including “.” for quoted includes. It uses Java’s File.listFiles() which I’m pretty sure is a readdir. Performs well.

Unfortunately, I don’t know clang well enough at this point to know how it should be done though.


Ok so I seem to have tricked myself into trying it, when I really should have been doing something else. in case anyone’s interested, feedback welcome. (No clangd changes required)