Complex literals and VS mode?

Three tests are failing on Windows because complex literals (suffix ‘i’) appear not to be supported when the Microsoft emulation option is on (which it is by default for the Visual Studio-built version). I don’t know anything about complex literals in general, or if this was intentional, or whether it is supported in VC++, but the enclosed patch makes the following tests pass:



imaginaryliterals.patch (1006 Bytes)

Wait, this patch has problems, not accounting for the s increment, but if someone will let me know if it should work, I’ll fix it.

Yes, we should support complex literals even in Microsoft emulation mode. However, I'd really rather not have a "goto" in this code... could you replace that goto with some kind of "WasMicrosoftSuffix" bool?

  - Doug

Here’s another crack at it, without the goto’s.

(Sorry for the duplicate, Doug.)


win32complexconstants.patch (3.25 KB)