Comprehensive set of binaries

Currently the only binaries downloadable from the LLVM site include clang and a few other utilities. Are there any plans to include a more comprehensive set of LLVM binaries?

It’s frustrating and (very) time-consuming to have to build LLVM from scratch, and it feels like all the infrastructure to automate something like this must already be in place for the clang binaries.

Why do you need other binaries? Things like "llc" or "opt" are
considered as a developer-side tools and are not intented to be used
by end users. Therefore it's sane to assume that anyone requiring them
would be able to build them from the sources.

PS: Building LLVM from scratch is pretty straightforward and usually
requires ~ 30-40 mins on a consumer machine.

The LLVM binaries are included in the ELLCC binary downloads.
You can find several Linux hosts as well as Windows and Mac OS X versions at
The binaries are updated pretty frequently from TOT and are currently at LLVM r235585.