Computing loop trip counts with Scalar evolution

I tried the analysis on the MatMul example, but the algorithm of did not return any trip count for any of the loops in MatMul using LLVM 3.4.2, which is quite old (complete sample analysis is here:, even if the bitcode input has been processed by mem2reg, as suggested here:!topic/llvm-dev/1oNNBPMSqBg

I have not tried InnerLoopVectorizer::getOrCreateTripCount(), which is not there in LLVM 3.4.2.
I suppose I should first try using the latest LLVM release, but atm I'm having problems accessing for download.

For the paper on SCEV, I have read

O. Bachmann, P. S. Wang, and E. V. Zima. Chains of recurrences–to expedite the
evaluation of closed-form functions. In ISSAC ’94, pages 242–249. ACM, July 1994.